Lunch Program
Lourdes Academy Wellness Plan

As part of our application to become sponsors of the National School Lunch Program
(NSLP), we are required to create the Wellness Policy above.  This policy will be fully
implemented upon approval for NSLP.  Until then, we are moving toward these
guidelines each month.  

This year, we have been providing high quality lunches for $3.00 per day.  As we go
towards NSLP approval, you will notice that our lunch portions will be on the increase
and that the nutritional quality of the food served will meet NSLP guidelines.  

We assure that the guidelines for reimbursable school meals shall not be less
restrictive than regulations and guidance issued by USDA.

Thank you always for your support,
Mr. O'Dell
Lourdes Academy
A Catholic School of Excellence

Serving Students in Grades Pre-K3 through 8
In Daytona Beach, Florida
Candace' Richards
Food Service Director