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At Our Lady of Lourdes, we work hard, we pray hard, and we play hard within a Christian environment. Here we
understand that academic excellence doesn't stop at the close of our text books. Through right choices,
independent thinking and creativity, our students build leadership skills that successfully carry them through life.

Our Lady of Lourdes staff and faculty abide by the following commitments:

Our Lady of Lourdes School provides an atmosphere of love within a nurturing a learning environment.

  • Our primary goal is to assist the parent in educating their child(ren) and preparing the child to develop as a
    witness to his/her Catholic faith by living according to Christian standards.

Our Lady of Lourdes will provide a quality education.

  • The children will be given opportunities to develop their potential, to grow towards self-direction and to
    possess the necessary skills to become contributing members of society. They will continue to grow and
    learn to recognize the positive and negative implications of their daily decisions. Learning and behavior are
    at a level that the student can handle and still feel challenged and successful to become a lifelong learner.

The faculty and staff are open-minded and accept new developments in education for our future

  • They are commissioned to demonstrate the message of the gospel and the moral principles important in the
    growth of the Catholic faith.

Staff and parent communication is unquestionable.

  • This will promote and maintain the total development of the child both spiritually and mentally.

Community involvement and the intertwining of ideas benefit the children, church, and community as a


  • To challenge our students to be innovative and to acquire critical thinking skills in the search for academic
    excellence and leadership.
  • To accept our students at their own unique level of ability, achievement, and motivation.
  • To provide a pleasant and safe environment in which all students can interact and socialize together.


We believe we are created in God's image and therefore we are good. We believe we are God's hands in the world
and we create our future. We will be known by our respect, responsibility, and right choices. With God's help we
believe we can make our lives and the lives of those around us richer by sharing our talent, integrity, and love. We
begin today!