Tuition & Fees
As we continue in these challenging economic times, Lourdes Academy is committed to
working with parents in an ongoing effort to keep our tuition at an affordable rate.

The 2011-2012 tuition rate will remain the same as it was in 2010-2011.

Please note that this tuition rate is all-inclusive:  tuition, books, and registration fees are all
covered.  As with the past few years, staffing will be equal to enrollment. Academics, sports,
and arts programs have been increased, not eliminated. The pastoral staff, as well as the
faculty and administration of Lourdes Academy, recognize that our students are not
responsible for the state of the economy and their education remains our priority.

Please note that due to anticipated high enrollment, active Catholics (attending Mass weekly,
using the envelope system or electronic giving, and participating in church ministries) will be
given first preference for seats.
Lourdes Academy Tuition Rate

$441.67 per month per child for 12 months.  
Payments begin in July.  First month's payment is $382 if registration fee is already paid.

Tuition does not include the following: uniforms, hot lunch, after school care, band, dance, or
extracurricular activities.

Lourdes Academy offers scholarships!
Application must be made with the Smart Tuition Aid Application
or through
Step Up For Students

Apply early... funds are limited!
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